In today's business world, it is difficult to deny that computers and communication technology are vital to the survival of your business. This presents a unique problem to the small- to mid-sized business. Companies of this size simply do not have the ability to absorb the overhead costs of maintaining an in-house IT department, yet they are required to deal with all the same problems that face larger companies.

Smaller businesses rarely have access to the upper-level IT management and administration resources enjoyed by large corporations. As a result, often their networks consist of a collection of computers bought "as required", with little planning or optimization. The result of this are inefficiencies and costs that could easily have been avoided.

The solution is TnT Services. With over 20 years of experience in large, distributed environments, we can provide you with access to the knowledge and experience that large companies can afford, but at a fraction of the cost. We have a large range of services, from monitoring and maintenance to helpdesk and emergency support.

We begin the process with a
FREE CONSULTATION and analysis of your existing network, followed by a services proposal to suit the unique needs of your business. At any time the services provided can be expanded to include additional services as your business grows.

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Proactive Maintenance
Take the unknown out of your IT costs with an inexpensive maintenance plan. We tailor our plans to your specific environment, and maintain and monitor your systems for you.

If you have workstations, servers or a combination of both, we can set up a maintenance plan to suit your environment. Server plans also include 24/7 monitoring of your servers and critical services, and monitoring and random testing of your network backup solution.

System Administration
A solid, reliable network depends on experienced management and planning. Employees with this level of experience are very expensive. Working with you, and your current staff (if any), we can provide you with proper management of all your systems.

Upgrading servers? Moving e-mail in-house? Rebuilding your infrastructure? Setting up Policies and Procedures? Let our experts help you get set up right, so that you don't have the costs of re-doing it later!

Hackers. Virus infections. Equipment failures. Any of these can take your business down. Every hour that you are down costs you money. Let us help get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We offer 24/7 emergency response service to save you a fortune in downtime costs.

Combined with our maintenance and monitoring services, we can save you all the worry and costs associated with computer disasters.

Support and Helpdesk
Who do you turn to when you have technical problems? Where do you go when a Google search lets you down? We have a manned online helpdesk to get your problems resolved quickly. Whether a single incident, or a pre-paid block of time, we have you covered.

Hosted Office
Need a network but don't have the space or knowledge to host it in-house? We can set up and maintain a "hosted office" for you - everything from servers to e-mail to phone systems!

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