Ever been happy with a service and referred it to a colleague? Everyone has!

Ever get paid for doing that??

TnT Services offer a unique program where we recognize the value of qualified referrals. But registering as a referral agent, you have an opportunity to get paid for every quality referral that you make who engage TnT Services. (For more information, see the
Terms and Conditions).

You can make up to $1000 per qualified referral! There is no limit to the number of referrals that you can submit, and no registration fee to become a referral agent, so
sign up today!

Once you are signed up, our staff will review the application and confirm completed registrations via email. Once confirmed, you can submit your referrals by filling out the online
Client Referral Form. Please remember to remind the companies that you refer to mention that you referred them so that we can confirm your referral.

The referral payment will be sent to you 30 days after the the referred client has engaged our services, informed us that you referred them, and made their first payment.

Contact Us if you need more information!